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Image by Carolyn V

The Good News Message

Preaching Peace Through Jesus Christ

There is an old saying that goes “Good fences make good neighbours.” We understand that kind of peace even if it is rather cold and distant. But the “peace preached though Jesus Christ” is altogether different.

The peace the Bible speaks of is not an uneasy truce, a peace involving distance or toleration. It is the very opposite. It is a warm and enjoyable relationship. The Bible argues that peace with God is the starting point to true change in mending our fractured selves, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Think of it as a jig saw puzzle with several pieces all coming together to make the picture already on the box top.

God’s intention is that mankind would be at peace with Himself. He demonstrated how serious He is at the coming of Jesus Christ into the world. The angels announced “Peace on earth and good will toward mankind." We need to be right with God above all else.

Jesus Christ entered our broken world and interacted with our broken lives. He saw the broken promises, homes, minds and lives that characterize us. Like scattered jig saw pieces peace and wholeness elude us. The Bible tells us how this happened. The world was not made ‘broken’ but sin intruded as an enemy introducing disaster to a perfect creation.

Into the broken pieces of our lives the message of peace has come in the person of Jesus Christ. He has done something about our sin, something that we could never have done. In dealing with that enemy he made it possible for us to be brought into a relationship of peace with God.

We’re not interested in building fences. We want to share the story of God’s love and peace with you. We want you to get to know Him, to have him pick up the scattered pieces of your life and make something beautiful. 

Visit us Sunday night's at 7 to hear more of this Good News, or please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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